if you do leave tumblr will you be deleting this blog?? what will happen to the fics, are they posted anywhere else?? im sad now. :(

I’ll still keep my fics up :)

I could not agree with you more about how "real life is more fun" because it really is. I ran a big account on IG once upon a time and it was my life...but after a while it just wasn't the same anymore at all. Once you get a little distance from it all you begin to see new things and discover things and feelings that are beyond 1D. Its bittersweet. Real life IS more fun, it really is.

Yes, exactly!! Never thought I would see the day but it’s just so much better being able to focus on your real life and your own thoughts and feelings, and once you get a little distance you realise how strange and pointless it is to be so obsessed with their lives and how little all the dramas in the fandom actually matter. And yeah it’s bittersweet, feels like leaving a big chunk of your life behind! But I’m glad I’m kind of over it, distance feels good :)

oddly enough i feel the same way as you idk why but i think 1d are also laying low a little not doing as many interviews focusing on the tour I'm kinda just chillen with them not much else

I just think they’ve changed so much and they’re not the cute little squeaky clean boys I loved at the start and I’m just not so into it anymore lol

So... are you going to leave Tumblr? :(

I’ll still come on every now and then I think, and I’m gonna turn my other blog (harrysarse) into a personal :)

you are not into 1d anymore? i wish i could say that, i still stuck on them and i think i'll be stuck for ever, but congratulations for you, i mean i know the real life is better than crying over boys that you will never met or have a romance and etc i just wish you the best, and i hope you keep your fics here to ppl read bc they all are really good, you're a good writer

You won’t be stuck forever, I thought that for 3 and half years lol. I think a real life relationship helps, but as well as that I’m just not the same now and neither is tumblr and everything, the fandom and the boys aren’t the same people I loved in the beginning anymore so there’s just no draw now. Like I still love the boys and I still like their music, would still buy their tickets etc but they’re just not the boys I loved at the start and I just don’t need them now like how I used to.

One day you’ll get a little distance from it too, I promise, and it’s kinda sad leaving something you loved so much behind but that’s just the way it goes

Do you not miss writing at all? You're honestly the most amazing writer I've come across, would really really love to read more of senior year, love it sooo much :( x

I do sometimes, but I just couldn’t find the time or motivation anymore, but thank you very much :) x

Do you think you'll continue senior year?? It was my absolute favourite :( x

I dunno at the moment but it seems unlikely :/

I miss you and senior year so so much :( absolute favourite fic ever it breaks my heart that you're never on anymore :( :(

I’m really sorry, but tumblr just isn’t what it was anymore and I don’t think it ever will be again :( and I’m just not into one direction anymore. When you get a bit of distance you realise there’s alot more out there….

Hope your exam went well yesterday! How come you don't like after by the way, I don't like it either- but I just want your opinion xx

haha thanks, i know it was a coupla weeks ago but it was horriffffic I cried on my test paper….but oh well

idk it’s just really badly written and overrated tbh

uma do you know why Jenna left tumblr???? :(

no clue

Extremely heartbroken that you have deleted and discontinued your fanfic.

they’re all still there babes x

My last exam is th 16th too, a2 geography by any chance'!? If so then good luck with that 72 mark report with only one question ... Aaaaah! xx

nope, A2 Sociology! :( Good luck to you! xx

did you go to croke?? how was it? did you go with maura again?! DETAILS WOMAN

Yeah I went with my sister and we stayed overnight in a hotel and everything it was amazing :D Literally just like a massive party in Croke Park and we got pretty close to the stage and everyone was just having tonnes of fun it was awesome :)

And no, I didn’t get to go with Maura this time, unfortunately. But the other girl who came the last time did. And I saw it the next day on facebook. Kinda awkward. I cried a lot. Haha.

I've missed you so much una! I'm so happy to see you're doing alright! Xx

Thanks so much babe! :D

I'm going go croke on the 24th!